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Article: Bankroll management

Le Bankroll management au poker - Metagame Poker

Bankroll management

In poker, there is often money at stake. This means that you will either have to pay an entry fee or you will be betting money directly in each hand.

The role of the tokens is to materialize this money to simplify the game. Note that you are obviously free to play with tokens without money being at stake.

If you play regularly and with real money bets, it will be important that you rely on a certain rigor to continue having fun without putting yourself in danger.

This rigor is called bankroll management. Your bankroll corresponds to the financial capital that you wish to allocate to poker.

Depending on the game format, you must keep in mind that your bet should never exceed a small percentage of your bankroll.

  • In tournament:

The buy in (entry price) must correspond to a maximum of 1% of your bankroll. If you have a bankroll of €1000, you can register for €10 buy-in tournaments.

  • In Cash game:

Your bankroll must be worth 10,000 times the blind value of the games you are playing. If you have €10,000 in bankroll, you will be able to play games where the big blind is worth €1. The norm is to enter a cash game with a stack of 100 blinds, or €100 in our example, which therefore corresponds to 1% of your bankroll.

Note that the faster the game formats are and therefore more subject to luck, the lower the proportion of your bankroll invested should be. For example, espresso/sit and go jackpot players are often advised to have 150 to 200 times the entry price of the game in bankroll.

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