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Article: Succeed on Wall Street? Learn poker instead of economics.

Réussir à Wall Street ? Apprenez le poker plutôt que l’économie.

Succeed on Wall Street? Learn poker instead of economics.

In the Bloomberg article with this title, we learn that a study was conducted to determine the indicators of success among traders.
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York concludes that success does not depend on the intelligence, personality, or cognitive abilities of professional traders.
Their success is above all due to their very high ability to analyze the behavior of others.
This is reminiscent of the essence of Poker, which is often described as follows:
“Beginners think about their cards. With a little experience, they start to think about their opponents' cards. But Poker begins when we think about what the other person thinks we have as cards in our hands. »
This ability to develop such thinking is fascinating and mastering it takes a lot of work.
This skill is therefore very useful for making good traders, but it also adapts to a whole bunch of other areas.

What would you think of the idea of ​​adding poker lessons to training so that students develop their potential?

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