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Présentation de notre coffret de poker en bois haut de gamme sur table de poker

The concept

Our mission

Elevate your poker games

What drives us every day? Elevate your poker games into exceptional moments thanks to (very) well-made high-end equipment and a unique and neat graphic universe.

The History of Metagame

...It’s above all a family story!

Metagame started out as two brothers passionate about poker: Liran & Matis.

We had often been praised for the quality of casino chips, but we really realized it when we had them in our hands for the first time.

After looking for a long time to get some for our games with friends, we found ourselves at an impasse. Impossible to find nice cases of casino quality chips.

A year of development later we created our first case: Metagame Poker was born.

A word from the founders


"Metagame was born from our own quest for the perfect case: we were and remain our first customers. It is therefore with a new and sincere look (and a good dose of requirement!) that we approached this market, which tends easily towards the classic with neglected aesthetics or the low-end with sacrificed quality.

Our ambition ? Make cases we are proud of. Allow you to recreate a casino experience at home with quality cases, with careful designs and which offer uncompromising freedom of play.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using our products every day as much as we enjoy imagining them every day. A huge thank you, We can't wait to continue the adventure with you."