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Article: What is Metagame? Observe to win.

Qu’est-ce que le Metagame ? - Metagame Poker

What is Metagame? Observe to win.

In poker, certain information is common and clear to all players, such as the flop, the turn, the river, everyone's stacks and bets.

Other information is more subtle, and subject to interpretation or careful observation by players. For example, a player may have a way of taking his chips that differs depending on the strength of his hand.

The Metagame is the concept which defines the use of this subtle information in order to better understand the games of our opponents.

Observation is therefore essential to perceive the dynamics between players, their habits, facial expressions, reactions, and to be able to categorize them according to certain characteristics. Observation should also be applied to our own playing habits, to understand what we let others see.

In short, the Metagame requires a lot of experience and observation, but will certainly allow you to elevate your game, if you manage to use it wisely.

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