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Article: Poker positions

Les postions au poker - Metagame Poker

Poker positions

To make the game more dynamic and for everyone to have the same chance of winning, two players will invest a fraction of their stack in each round before even seeing their cards. These two players are the small blind and the big blind. It is from the big blind that we position ourselves to designate the positions of each player. To the right of the big blind we have the small blind. Still on the right is the button (or dealer), then the cutoff, then the high jack and finally the under the gun (UTG).

These positions are valid when 6 players are at the table. When there are more than 6 players at the table (9 for example), intermediate positions will be inserted between the high jack and the UTG.

To the right of the high hack we will therefore have the low jack, then UTG+2, then UTG+1 and finally UTG.

Each round, the big blind rotates from player to player clockwise. So UTG becomes big blind and big blind becomes small blind.

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